52 Films By Women

Winter's Bone
#52FilmsByWomen A few long weekends and a full week off gave me plenty of – one could argue too much – time to watch films. I’m currently at #21FilmsByWomen, at least according to my own way of counting them. Counting every single short as if it were a thing on its […]

52 Films By Women – April 2016

The Hurt Locker
#52FilmsByWomen It’s April now and that means another month of watching female directed films has passed. Four films every month ends the year at 48/52, so I’m going to need a few months in which to watch five or more films. March is one of those months I am happy […]

52 Films By Women – March 2016

#52FilmsByWomen February is over and #52FilmsByWomen continues. But admittedly I have been slacking a bit. Even though there’s one more day of February this year I have only watched three eligible films. Well seven rather, but five of those were ten minute Lotte Reiniger shorts. I’m counting those as one […]

52 Films By Women – February 2016

Longing for the Rain
#52FilmsByWomen So #52FilmsByWomen is kind of a thing these days, and I approve. Instead of whining about #OscarsSoWhite or other such things why not put your money where your mouth is and actually do something about it? That’s what this thing going around Twitter and probably other social media too is […]

52 Films By Women – January 2016