PSA: site crash, partial restore

Back in the good ‘ol days, before Covid, before the passing of personal favourites Olivia de Havilland and Agnès Varda, I had a nifty little movie site. Or were they the not so good ‘ol days? Before #MeToo, when we didn’t have cool photographs of black holes (well..), and when my site decided enough was enough and /ragequit. Things and more things, and I before I knew it more and more time passed and I didn’t really put in much effort to restore it. I didn’t know how to. I thought I had lost all content anyway, and so for the past few years there has been nothing here but an error page or a hello world page at best.

But recently I found a mostly complete dump of the old site from early 2017 I think. A big +1 for making backups of things. Also a -1 for making it backup to an obscure place I forgot I even had. It took quite a bit of figuring out what was what, but I think I have restored all that I can. I do not know what versions of PHP / WordPress the old site ran on, theme versions, which plug-ins were active, and apparently a lot has changed. This means I think I lost most embedded media links, references to who wrote what (but that’d just be me 100% of the time anyway), post featured images, sticky post data, image galleries, and who knows what else.. I found a movie quote database table that I have been unable to make work, I’m still fiddling around with some custom CSS here and there to make things look a bit nicer (hopefully), and I know I lost quite a few draft posts (/sad).

There I fixed it

But at least I’m glad things are back up and running. Whether or not I will be adding new content I do not know. Perhaps. At least now if I want to, I can.

edit: Well, I managed to get the quotes to work, fixed a few image links here and there, found out how the carousel on the home page works now, and wrote a new post. I also found out my image library is really effed up. And the old layout seems to have been smaller, so images that do work are a little wonky and low quality. Oh well, too bad. I’ll try to fix whatever I can, but it won’t ever be what it was. 🙁

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