Agnès Varda

#52FilmsByWomen Twelve crazy months after peeking my nose around the corner of films directed by women I find myself having seen more films that almost everyone else I know. I guess that says most about the state of film and the roles of men and women and other groups of people. I […]

52 Films By Women – December 2016

Winter's Bone
#52FilmsByWomen A few long weekends and a full week off gave me plenty of – one could argue too much – time to watch films. I’m currently at #21FilmsByWomen, at least according to my own way of counting them. Counting every single short as if it were a thing on its […]

52 Films By Women – April 2016

The Hurt Locker
#52FilmsByWomen It’s April now and that means another month of watching female directed films has passed. Four films every month ends the year at 48/52, so I’m going to need a few months in which to watch five or more films. March is one of those months I am happy […]

52 Films By Women – March 2016