The Red Mill
May the devil and ghosts come and get Spitzboop! The Red Mill Last month or so somebody accidentally pointed me towards the Warner Archive Collection. It’s a treasure trove of old films that are really difficult to find. The only downside if you live where I live is that […]

The Red Mill – William Goodrich – 1927

About Elly
Ten not-so-well-known or downright obscure films that should be on your watch list as of right now. The Film Top 10 – 2016!

Film Top 10 – 2016

#52FilmsByWomen Twelve crazy months after peeking my nose around the corner of films directed by women I find myself having seen more films that almost everyone else I know. I guess that says most about the state of film and the roles of men and women and other groups of people. I […]

52 Films By Women – December 2016

#52FilmsByWomen After a crazy busy month with 13 new films November has been a lot easier to deal with. It’s probably a lot due to my excessive #Noirvember film noir binging. I’ve only seen two new films directed by women this month, one of which was pretty much an accidental […]

52 Films By Women – November 2016

The Babadook
#52FilmsByWomen Oh my. It’s only the 6th of the month as I write this. I have to in order to keep up with my film watching. I’ve already seen six films by women in the past six days, so to prevent having a massive backlog at the end of the month […]

52 Films By Women – October 2016

Me Before You
#52FilmsByWomen And there was much rejoicing. I honestly did not believe I’d ever get this far way back in January, but I did and I made it to 52. That kind of means the challenge part is over, so now it’s time to find myself some new goals. I could […]

52 Films By Women – September 2016

Paramount on Parade
#52FilmsByWomen Whew. I’m a bit late this time to finish this post. The reason is motivation. I really can’t be bothered to write about films I did not like, and I really did not like most of the films I’ve seen this past month. MUBI kind of dried up over the […]

52 Films By Women – August 2016

#52FilmsByWomen After four days of July, the #52FilmsByWomen ‘o meter (™) was already at +4 (although to be fair one was a 25 minute documentary). That should make it no surprise that this is going to be a fairly long post. I guess sometimes you just have too much time, and too […]

52 Films By Women – July 2016