#52FilmsByWomen After a crazy busy month with 13 new films November has been a lot easier to deal with. It’s probably a lot due to my excessive #Noirvember film noir binging. I’ve only seen two new films directed by women this month, one of which was pretty much an accidental […]

52 Films By Women – November 2016

The Babadook
#52FilmsByWomen Oh my. It’s only the 6th of the month as I write this. I have to in order to keep up with my film watching. I’ve already seen six films by women in the past six days, so to prevent having a massive backlog at the end of the month […]

52 Films By Women – October 2016

Me Before You
#52FilmsByWomen And there was much rejoicing. I honestly did not believe I’d ever get this far way back in January, but I did and I made it to 52. That kind of means the challenge part is over, so now it’s time to find myself some new goals. I could […]

52 Films By Women – September 2016

Paramount on Parade
#52FilmsByWomen Whew. I’m a bit late this time to finish this post. The reason is motivation. I really can’t be bothered to write about films I did not like, and I really did not like most of the films I’ve seen this past month. MUBI kind of dried up over the […]

52 Films By Women – August 2016

#52FilmsByWomen After four days of July, the #52FilmsByWomen ‘o meter (™) was already at +4 (although to be fair one was a 25 minute documentary). That should make it no surprise that this is going to be a fairly long post. I guess sometimes you just have too much time, and too […]

52 Films By Women – July 2016

The Disobedient
#52FilmsByWomen This month #52FilmsByWomen passes the halfway mark. In time and in numbers, although after six months I am past 26 films, giving me a little buffer in case I need it. The total film count is now at 30/52, already four more than being truly halfway. I still keep the list […]

52 Films By Women – June 2016

#52FilmsByWomen After April the counter was at 21/52. One month later I’m at 25/52, almost halfway. May wasn’t a month for quantity but quality, although I’m not sure the last one really deserves the label quality – I just liked it more than I probably should. With scores of 8.0, […]

52 Films By Women – May 2016

Red Beard
Red Beard It is only the first time I pick a Kurosawa film to write about. Red Beard is not one of his most famous ones, but it does appear to be among his best. Its length of just over three hours is not very inviting for a casual film watch so […]

Red Beard – Akira Kurosawa – 1965